Helderberg Lake
Community Association

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M E M B E R   I N F O R M A T I O N

The Helderberg Lake Community Association, Inc. is a non-profit that was formed to promote stewardship of Helderberg Lake by protecting water quality, regulating the use of common areas and community care of waters, shorelines and association property as well as promoting safe recreational use.

Having members in good standing is critical to keeping our community looking great and maintaining all of our property values. As the entire Helderberg Lake community is significantly impacted by lack of dues payments, we strongly encourage you to take personal reponsbility for your contribution to our lake community. Good neighbors' actions support our community by looking out for others and provides a strengthened sense of pride in our home and neighborhood.  

2022 DUES
Payable to HLCA $400
Send to :
Gail McQuade,
P.O. Box 132, Voorheeseville, NY 12186

NOTE: Please do your part to support our community and neighbors by submitting your dues timely. We have the cost of dam repairs, insurance, taxes, legal fees... and need your help. Should you need a payment plan, please reach out to Gail for assistance,

What we do...
Maintain common area landscaping;
Contract with subcontractors to perform services for the Association as needed;
Pay all expenses required to maintain and operate the Association;
Establish and collect dues as required, to fulfill the Association's financial obligations;
Maintain the beauty, harmony, integrity and appearance of the Helderberg Lake community;
Insurance costs, Legal Costs, Dam Expenses, Taxes...
Organize volunteer participation to offset financial costs (Volunteer Day is twice a year. Please get involved - we need your help!)
Members of the board are homeowners just like you who volunteer their time to serve the Helderberg Lake community.

President, Tom McQuade
Vice President, Krina Danckert
Treasurer, Gail McQuade
Secretary, Tami Bloom
Board Members
Barry Zwack
Will Scotti